The Little Voice

Yesterday, as I was driving to exchange my propane tank and a couple drinks for my partner and our desserts for his visit, a little voice kept talking to me.

“You could stop somewhere and get some french fries.”

“A soda?”

Before, I would have caved in and “treated” myself, but this time I reminded myself:

“You won’t savor every bite.”

“You have potatoes at home. You can make french fries.”

“You have SO many water enhancers at home that are absolutely yummy. Wait till then.”

I didn’t even get around to eating my dessert last night(these cookies are really good), or having flavored water, so it’s a reminder that the little inner voice is old habits trying to trick me into being mindless.

Being aware and mindful pulled me away from that, and it continues to do so. I think my lucky cats are helping me to make even better decisions, serving as visual reminders on my wrist and rearview mirror, to make smart money decisions and live by my values.

So yesterday, the little self-desructive voice tried to tempt me into spending at least $6. That’s nearly 20 minutes of me working PRE-taxes. No-siree Bob, that’s twenty minutes going into retirement or towards a car wash. 😏