Skirt Swap

So I decided that my mini sari skirt wasn’t exactly to my taste. It’s too neon for me, so I put it up in a skirt trade group.

I got a biter and in a color I’d never normally wear. Orange. It’s a mix of a more pastel orange and a tangerine. Orange isn’t usually in my color palette, but I had a maxi dress ages ago that I looked awesome in, so I agreed.

It’s an XL, which is larger than I’d prefer, but I do already have an XL(it was mislabeled as a medium) and I can do styles that don’t work nearly as nicely with my medium, namely a more kimono style look.

I’ll have to create a compilation of the styles I wear with my larger wrap skirts. I wear them more as an elegant at-home loungewear.

This one isn’t as soft as my Earthbound Trading company skirts, which makes me wonder if DGY is actually still using silk.

Do I regret the trade? I’m not sure. I feel like I should have tried using the mini more, but I helped out a skirt sister in one of the groups needing to pay the rent, so I have another one incoming to try.

As for that last sentence, I have mixed feelings. Technically, I bought a couple skirts from a skirt sister(not one I traded). I saw them, thought they were gorgeous, but as people usually quickly snap skirts up in this group I decided to give it a few days and if it reappeared. If they hadn’t sold and she was still in need of money, I’d help her out and nab what basically amounted to a beautiful unicorn.

Three days later she had posted again- seeming even more desperate, they were just as beautiful as I remembered them, and they hadn’t sold, so I decided to go for it. After really mulling it over I’m still of mixed feelings on the matter. I don’t like how it feels like charity based on her circumstances while also feeling like buying something as well(it’s really both, TBH). I need to look into organizations that help people in need for making rent, and that will be how I help with situations like that in the future, unless it’s a close friend in need of cash.