Lace Soap Scrap Saver

I’ve noticed a handful of zero waste folks on Instagram talking about their soap scrap saving bags.

They’re so you can save that last sliver of soap and join them with others for a sort of scrubber. Supposedly they’re good at exfoliating, too.

I thought about that bit of lonely scrap on my shower shelf, abandoned because it didn’t want to adhere to my replacement bar.

Then, before I even considered buying one(I didn’t see anyone post about making their own, only buying 😔), I remembered the lace I had in my scrap bin. I have many abandoned and unfinished projects in there, so I pulled it out and found the perfect scrap! Voila!

And so I stitched it up with some lace not long enough to tat much with, secured the loose bits, switched the sides together, and added a button with a loop of string the perfect size to pass the button through. It’s made entirely of thrifted thread- the button was thrifted too.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s done. I actually made it while watching my partner livestream on Twitch. Multitasking, by working on my goal of sustainable living while also encouraging my partner to pursue his passions is always a win.

I’m curious to see other people’s handmade soap scrap savers. Not many will knit them, far far fewer will tat them, so I’d love to see what everyone comes/came up with!