I Calculated my “Old” Overall Footprint

I calculated my old footprint from pre-starting this blog on www.footprintcalculator.org. I’m not pleased with my results, to say the least.

That’s a very short Earth Overshoot day. And before I restarted my no-spend year, I saw I spent a lot of money on “goods.” I can also work on reducing how much I drive to do fun things outside of work, and how local I eat. That means I’m staying home on Sundays, so no extra trips out. 😅

I can also continue to be mindful of my resource use at home- something I’ve started doing after starting this blog, but I did fill the quiz out according to my old habits. Oof.

I think I’ll retake this quiz once a month and see how much I’m progressing. Or should I wait 6 months?