Calculating my Fashion Footprint

I took this quiz some time ago, and decided to retake it twice. Initially, I answered as I would have for the past year of shopping. I was suprised.

I was even more suprised that 160lbs of carbon dioxide use was still considered green.

I retook the quiz again, answering with my rate of mending garments and how I plan for my clothing shopping to go during the no spend year. The major differences I put are as follows

  • I anticipate mending 24 garments this year
  • I ‘bought’ those two secondhand sari wrap skirts.
  • I intend to buy an overbust corset from my local corestier, meaning it will be brand new. A plastic free strapless breast holder that won’t slide down my torso, back support, and supporting local artisans- what’s not to love(I also own a total of two bras and I’m wearing through my underbust corsets. 😅)
  • I will also likely need to buy a new pair of underwear/panties this year as I’ve finally worn out the elastic in several pairs.

Now, I have no idea how this makes me use negative impact, I’m still using hot water for my work clothes, which uses propane(but I have a hand crank machine) and will still be dry cleaning my silk Hermès scarf when it needs it- I’m too petrified of washing it myself- but the dry cleaner’s is on my way to and from work.

But, I won’t complain and will instead wear it as a badge of honor, should I pull this no spend year off. 😊