It’s Hot Outside and it’s Hot Inside

I keep thinking I want to vlog my journey to living sustainably, but then I remember how hot it is outside and in my home, and I try to endure the heat, but the heat is so intense that when I am at home until it gets dark and I want nothing more than to lounge around in a linen chemise.

I have a massive floor fan in the storage shed that I’d love to trade in for something smaller- but the way things are doesn’t make such swaps easy unless I break no spend.

Maybe I have a friend who would be open to such a trade, I’ll ask around.

In the meantime, windows open, shades down, handfan in hand, and lots of water as I read books. Maybe, I’ll be bad and kick on the AC, considering the hottest part of the day is only beginning, and shut it off when it starts to cool outside.

This is sort of neat, however. I already feel a bit like I’m living in the seasons.