My Fuel Footprint Pre-Blog

When I initially calculated my footprint, I thought work was much further away, and that I drove 30 miles each way to and from work. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Instead, it’s only 11. That immediately dropped me down to nearly my mileage goal. So, I decided to get all geeky and crunch some numbers.

This is my best guess at my mileage for last year. I’m suprised that I would have used around 300 gallons of gasoline.

So I decided to see how I could get my mileage to drop from 8,618 a year, without sacrificing a lot of time with loved ones.

By being more mindful of extra trips that aren’t easily along the way to work, and avoiding sacrificing time with loved ones were reasons why I can’t seem to get it down more.

These adjustments still mean I get to:

  • see my partner weekly
  • go visit my childhood best friend once a month
  • visit the grandmother(mommom) who doesn’t live within walking distance monthly
  • run a big extra monthly errand(likely the Japanese grocery store and TSC or Wawa to refill/exchane my propane tanks)
  • Vsit Ocean City MD once
  • Go to a further away anime convention

I decided to start logging my miles in an app to see how things go. I looked up how many times I filled up my tank in June(twice), how many gallons it fills (generally around twelve), and how many miles to the gallon I get (about 30). 2refuels*12gallons=24gallons. 24gallons*30mpg=720 miles.

From now on I’ll try to remember to log them in the app and get a more accurate reading.

One thing that will remain the same is my defensive driving. I try to be a calm and mindful driver(although tailgaters drive me batty becaue I generally go 5-7mph over- why do they still insist on tailgating 😭). I don’t check my phone, and all that good stuff drivers learn in driving school to minimize my chance of getting in an accident.

Car accidents generate waste and create more dangerous road situations for other drivers. I don’t want to do that.