Mending for June 2020

I mended a lot of things this month! Perhaps it was just catching up on mending from the school semester and noticing other things in the process.

Some things needed glue, others needed thread and needle. Either way, they’re mended and will continue to do their jobs.

Things I repaired this month:

  • 2 work pant pockets
  • Favorite band tee shoulder and hem stitches
  • Vintage blouse button holes and hem stitches
  • Repaired Kindle Paperwhite case
  • 2 Sari wrap skirts (corners and hems)
  • Ceramic pot lid for doll
  • Workboot soles
  • 1 earring
  • My partner’s blanket

I’m by no means an expert at mendng things- perhaps with time I’ll improve. I did take photos of many things I mended, except my boots and partner’s blanket- which was my second best mending job this month. I had an excellent thread match for my Juicy Couture cutsew, so that isn’t the most noticable, and the blanket had a single vsible orange stitch where I tied the thread off.

Nearly everything else was an impromptu fix, except the vintage blouse- but I didn’t realize how much the newer white thread stands out against the vintage white fabric and theads. At least I don’t need to wear button covers with it anymore to prevent the buttons from escaping the button holes.

Also I need a stronger shoe sole glue than Shoe Goo. The glue used on my workboots initially was very strong but after resoling them I need to reapply shoe-goo when I catch my heel on something or forget how weak Shoe Goo is and use the toe of my workboots to push material around in the shop. I don’t have spare boots to switch into when they give me a fit and need to cure after a reaplication.