Excellent Improvements: June Sustainability Quiz Updates

I retook the two sustaonability quizzes, FootprintCalculator.org and Thredup’s Quiz according to how I lived last month and projecting that out for the rest of the year.

I’m incredibly pleased with the improvement.

I went from 160lbs of CO2 down to -396lbs of CO2.

I mended 11 garments last month and did input as if I planned to mend 12 times that(the quiz only went up to mending 100 garments). Obviously I’d be mending the same garments in different spots, but it keeps me from buying that many.

I’m not sure how it went to a negative impact number as thread still creates waste, but I’m not going to stress it too much.

Then, if you recall, my old overshoot day was May 4th, and a world of mes would need 2.9 earths.

I managed to eliminate my need for nearly an entire Earth! That means I’ve reduced my impact by nearly a THIRD.

I pushed back my date by 57 days, nearly two whole months.

This was mostly from just reducing my driving and buying. Oh, and I did bungle how much it took to drive into town before doing the first quiz, but shhh. 🤫