Apologies for Last Night’s Email Assault

I moved my side blog into this one after discussing the idea with another blogger.

Things didn’t go smoothly and some of you subscribers received no less than 40 emails with notifications of “new” backdated posts in the span of 30 minutes.

I should have kept a better tab on things as they moved over, stopped the process, and contacted support.

But, I didn’t think to do that and I cluttered my email subscribers’ inboxes and I’m terribly sorry. It’s embarrassing and I can’t undo it, so the best I can do is learn from my mistake.

As I have moved my sustainable living blog over to be part of this one, I hope from here you might consider sticking around, but I wouldn’t blame you for fleeing.

Also, posts regarding sustainable living attempts will be in the category Zero Waste Camper, as that was the name of my side blog.

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