Book Review: No Impact Man

This is one of my favorite eco-living books. It ticks all the wheelhouse boxes for me; it’s a memoir of someone doing something different than the cultural norm, their journey as they learn to navigate life through that lens, they learn intrinsic lessons about intentional living, have a fantastic authorial voice, are not afraid to be self-critical and also utilize that as a springboard to personal growth.

This is a running theme in most of the nonfiction books I enjoy, and they’re usually a window into a year of the life of the author. It seems like a short span of time for a memoir, but as it’s usually about a drastic change in their life, there’s plenty of material to make it interesting.

If you are inclined, I reccomend the audiobook. It is not only read by the author but it’s also not overstuffed with statistics, URLs, lists, or recipes. Colin’s is an enjoyable story that inspired me and caused me to add a few things to my eco living to-do list, such as reducing the amount of harsher cleaners I use to help prevent water contamination.
I’ve listened to it through twice now, mostly because I can’t seem to find another audiobook that hits all these wheelhouses and have a sustainability bend. All the excellent suggestions from others aren’t availible as audiobooks, but are on my TBR.
I think it’s an excellent read and worth your money, whether you buy it digitally or make use of your tax dollars to borrow it from the library. It’s a smooth read and flows excellently.

There is a huge discrepancy between the book and the documentary. The documentary covers a lot more of Michelle’s perspective(his wife), which I really appreciated. That noted, I feel the book gives the documentary context that would have been confusing or make the project seem less worthwhile, to anyone who hasn’t read the book first.