Creating a Futureproof Class Ring

It finally arrived- I ordered it back in March.

My school’s class rings were very expensive, not to mention fairly unaesthetic and mismatched with my personality. I didn’t like the options they had.

So I went hunting elsewhere.

Yes, I hunted for a used one. I couldn’t find one at all secondhand, not even in eBay’s completed listings! I checked just now, and there’s one listed from the year I was born. And the year is on top of the ring, not helpful as I’m 27, not 48.

So I went into a few jewelry stores and had one custom made. They struggled to fit all the letters on there, but it was a lot of letters.

I also refrained from putting my name or simply “SU 2020” on top, because I wanted to futureproof it for the next generation.

This ring will be left to the environmental club after I die, if it still exists(here’s hoping). My name and graduation year are on the inside of the band, meaning whoever inherits it will be able to speculate its story. They might wonder why I ordered from a 3rd party, whether it was to save money, ensure it was sourced conflict free as best as I could, or just to better match my aesthetic.

All three of those reasons are part of it, but part of the fun of vintage is not knowing the whole story behind something, but instead wondering what it is- the speculative concoction.

Another reason I didn’t want the year on top was so whoever inherits it doesn’t feel weird about the wrong graduation year being there. Intergenerational jewelry needs to not have a wearer worry about little details like that.

The eBay one that just recently popped up.

But, had I waited, I could have nabbed that ’92 era one off eBay- potentially lending itself to entertaining speculation over my real age.

Why such a big box?!

As for the real story, if the future ring owner finds this(hello there!) It had an adventure before getting to me. I worked full-time through university, opting to do school part time to graduate debt free. I ordered it in March and a few weeks later Covid hit the states. The store was shut down so I didn’t receive it until long after my canceled graduation ceremony was to be held, and it arrived in a box big enough to fit a plush pillow.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I’m proud of graduating and I’m happier for my after-work free time now. I’m back to blogging, after all- a hobby I started on Xanga, back when I was 13.


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