Market, Berries, and Stands

Today I went to the Berlin Farmer’s Market with a friend. Our initial plan was to just buy tea for a mutual friend’s bachelorette party(and some for ourselves, naturally). We ended up checking out the whole market and then shopping at Ocean City Organics, a health food store a few miles outside Ocean City. I bought a variety of vegan cheezes, some fair trade chocolate for a recipe, and some zero waste gum.

I met the sweetest young lady at the market- she was very young and asked if there was an EGL group in the area. Her face lit up when I told her about our alternative fashion Facebook group, Wicomico’s Captivating Cuties. If you’re reading this Stephanie, hello! šŸ‘‹šŸ»

One my way home I noticed my favorite contactless produce stand put out sweet corn! The one just past it put out onions.

I used my furoshiki for most of the produce. The vendors expressed delight at the novelty of such a way of carrying things. I only wish I brought two.

I also stopped by the u-pick blueberry farm on my way home too. I picked a pound before I got too hot- I stopped on a whim anyway. If I had known I’d have worn just silks or cottons, not EGL with a nylon petticoat and polyester JSK and safety shorts!

Naturally, the blueberries I wanted a photo of are out of focus. Whoops!

The bucket is reusable. I had to pay a dollar for it but every time after, it’ll be just the berries.


  1. First of all I got to say , you’re outfit looked sooooo cute!! šŸ˜ I’ve always loved seeing how girls wear them especially hot weather! I give you props! Also aww that’s so sweet of the girl hehe . Hopefully she joins the group. And haha we were just talking about furoshiki. šŸ˜‹

    Oh yeah I was going to mention that this time I was going to comment on the wordpress reader on my phone but it didnt let me. šŸ˜® I only had the option to share it or like it. The comment button I couldnt click. I had to come to your actual website to be able to comment. Idk if that means anything or whatnot but thought should mention it in case you didnt know! šŸ™‚

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