That time I Threw My Favorite Work Outfit in the Garbage

I’m a machinist.

A lot of what I machine is repairs for poultry equipment.

So, after work, I usually stinky(unless it’s one of those blissful days I’m making only brand new parts). My boyfriend can’t stand the smell, which is understandable-after a decade of shops, however, I’m totally noseblind to it.

After work, to clean up, I shower. But to keep my work clothing odor from affecting my suitcase or car I reuse plastic shopping bags to contain the stink.

I had a pair of nice jeans for work- American Eagle, they fit like a dream and were on clearance when I bought them. I also had a thrifted Juicy Couture blouse that worked excellently with my EGL wardrobe but also was black and wouldn’t show work stains- my ideal sort of top. Versatile, just needs a good wash in between.

Then, one day, I couldn’t find them. I hunted everywhere. My partner’s house, my camper, my car- I wouldn’t have removed clothes anywhere else… and then I realized my favorite belt was still missing and that it made a whole outfit.

If you’ve read some old posts, you likely know my garbage also goes in old grocery bags- as I generate far less than a standard trash bag of garbage a week.


I realized then, I almost certainly threw away my two favorite garments.

So how do I prevent this from happening again?

I’ve been putting the bag of smelly clothes in my suitcase instead of straight into my car, but that still felt risky. It might stink up my suitcase(hard to clean), but I’m also in the middle of a no spend challenge for the whole year.

I need something to keep odors from easily escaping, but different enough from a used plastic bag that I won’t mistake it for trash. It also needs to be durable and won’t color leech into any lighter clothes I wear.

Seriously, if you have any reccomendations, I’m open to them!

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