Dairy Free Entertainment Board

The other day a friend came over to do some sewing (the same one I went to the market with a couple weeks ago) and we had a lovely time.

I also made a “cheese board” but it’s not actually that. From what I’ve read, French folks don’t load up their cheese boards with sides- and I wish I saw this article beforehand to appreciate the minimalist nature some boards could take on.

Baby gherkins, petits coquillos, two varieties of Treeline’s soft vegan cheeses(sea salt & pepper and scallion), Daiya’s cheddar, along with saltines and a baguette.

Saltines are mild in flavor and therefore perfect to pair with a bunch of cheeses/cheezes. I got the tip from the Shmanners podcast, they did a two part episode on charcuterie and cheese boards. It’s so fun to arrange these, too, even if they’re objectively the Americanized variation. Just because I find a lot of French things aesthetic and I’ve done research as to how they do things and appreciate it doesn’t mean I have to do it one for one. Neither do you, either- just make sure your French friends aren’t the ones coming over- or do, it might start an excellent discussion. šŸ˜‰

Going dairy-free is a lot more sustainable, although the plastic involved in packaging it all bums me out. Most dairy cheeses, however, also come wrapped in plastic, so the dairy free version is the easy pick to buy with my money.

I can’t show what we sewed as it’s for our friend’s bachelorette, and I know she reads this blog (I see you šŸ‘€šŸ‘‹šŸ»), so that will have to wait until next month, after the event has passed.


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