The Birthday Doll

Today is Lenya’s birthday!

At least according to her Iplehouse COA.

Both ball jointed dolls I own are shells of the same character, Lenya InResin, and were bought secondhand. I had both verified for authenticity, and they live, I hope, happily in my camper with me.

The MSD’s body(the one with the COA) is safely stored out of sunlight, she’s not as easy to haul around as the tiny, and generally only comes out for meetups. So, here is some pictures of the Tiny version of Lenya, celebrating her birthday!

With her sweet treat

I also gave her a hand-me-down scarf. It’s a doll sized relica of the designer, Karen Mabon. I bought it used off eBay, but I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about doll sized “replicas.” I know I’m against human sized ones, but if I cant buy my doll a her-sized authetic designer handbag because it’s simply not made, is that unethical? What if it’s handmade by an individual who just makes things for dolls? Or does it simply fall into the same category as many people like to shame plus sized lolitas who can’t find brand in their size- ‘buy two and sew em together because you’re stealiiinnnngggg.’ It’s a hairy topic and this scarf was a legit rarity.

Controversial questions aside, its Lenny’s birthday, so let’s celebrate!

I made her little dress from a sock. It was pretty easy and quick to make and I like how it looks on her. I think it’ll look really cute with her new scarf too!


    • Hehe thanks! And true true. And F+F sells doll bags too, and that’s a shop tons of people love in this region. šŸ¤” I nearly forgot about my doll’s “Burberry” bag bought from there! šŸ¤£

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