Mending and Crafting for July 2020

This month didnt warrant as many repairs, although I did make a couple things

  • Mend adopted long sari wrap skirt hem and waistband
  • Tightened up 3 screws in my laundry dry rack, it’d been 6 months to a year since the last time I’d done that
  • Secured silk blouse chest ruffles
  • Patched up boot soles again
  • Remade gifted elastic snap ring to fit better without elastic and to use my own snaps

I’ve also finished making a few things!

Not the finished product- of course I had to take an aesthetic photo of my tatting work😂

Things I’ve made:

  • Rose snap ring topper to match my surface spell JSK
  • A couple of secret items for F’s bachelorette party 🤫
  • A tatted hair clip out of an extra french hair clip, upcycled waist tie, and secondhand thread
  • Hankie for my friend’s birthday (I tatted the lace trim and embroidered the kitty)


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