Steady Improvements: July Sustainability Quiz Updates

Every time I take this quiz, I improve! It’s exciting to me, and to anyone who might think living eco means eschewing fun and nice things, my quality of life hasn’t changed. I’ve merely shifted around a few things. I don’t drive as much, I eat locally grown food more, that sort of stuff.

My next big goal is to further reduce the amount of plastic I use and to recycle everything I can. The first step of that is to ensure I know the current rules for my local recycling center. I mostly recycle aluminum cans and cardboard(I seldom buy plastic bottles) so I haven’t HAD to look at it in a few years.

My fashion footprint partly went down because I calculated how many gallons of water an average load of laundry uses, compared it to how many mini loads, and the amount of water used for those. Turns out I use less water than I thought! I still need to wash my work jeans in hot water to get the work stink out, however.

I’m glad I keep improving but I can’t help but wonder where the wall is? Will I be able to get below one earth worth of resources? I dropped it down from one flight(for the fashion quiz) and nearly an earth and a half for my overall lifestyle. Maybe, just maybe, I can do it.


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