Confession: I did some “Shopping”

I don’t feel one ounce of regret or guilt. My old pants were a point of near unwearability. Two $5 fast fashion jeans had a way of looking frumpy being worn every weekday. The elastic in them sagged, the pants wanted to retire. And I kept wearing them. And growing more frustrated by the week with how frumpy the looked as time progressed and I kept pushing them.

I wore them much longer than most people would have. I just couldn’t handle looking like a slob- I often need to run errands after work, sometimes I’ll visit a friend or my partner. My coworkers see me. I see me.

So I bit the bullet. The heat was too much in them anyway and my coworker who wears slacks told me he loved his because they’re much cooler in the summer.

I hit up a couple resale shops and even found myself a replacement belt for my accidentally trashed pair. $2.85 for a used excellent condition supple Coach belt? The store had a 70% off used stuff as a means of getting people in the door. I had no idea a sale was going on, so it was a happy accident.

With the way this belt is made, I wouldn’t be suprised if I got a decade out of it. It doesn’t fit my buckle, however. 🥺

Comfy, lightweight, and quality, it’s a relief. Now I can accidentally run into people I don’t want to but feel classy and put together. 😂

I scored four pairs of slacks as well, and I’m pumped to be wearing a cooler pair of slacks today with my new belt. They fit like a dream.

I lament the onset of winter, however. I’ll need actual jeans as well. I couldn’t find any that were plastic free in that shop, and I’m bummed out by it. Looks like I’ll need to look in the men’s section where real jeans made for people working physical jobs are likely hiding. →_→