Selling Your Used EGL Fashion

There’s a handful of ways you can sell your secondhand EGL, just make sure to wash it first!

Prefer Audio?

If you’d rather listen to the podcast audio, check it out here, I go a bit more in depth:

Where to Sell/Pros and Cons

  • Lacemarket: a lot of work, especially if you don’t have good access to a PC with internet but you’ll get the most money per sale and it’s the first place many people look
  • Ebay: full of knockoffs and is generally not trusted. If you’re already calculating shipping for Lacemarket, however, it can’t hurt to add it here, too.
  • Poshmark: easy to sell from your phone but they take a hefty cut. The ease of listing is worth it to me, and I don’t have to worry about calculating shipping!
  • Mercari: I hear it’s like Poshmark but I’ve never tried it.
  • Wunderwelt: supposedly like a Buffalo Exchange but you have to be a resident of Japan.
  • Closet Child: from what I’ve read, same deal as Wunderwelt.
  • Swap Meets: the most fun, an excuse for a meetup and to go shopping. Also, the perfect event for newbie lolitas to see and feel garments in person and often to try them on!
Blouse+jsk: bought on eBay. Shoes+headband bought on Lacemarket

Why Not Donate?

I personally opt to rehome as much as I can instead of simply donating it- the latter runs the risk of not being bought and subsequently thrown away. With a niche fashion like lolita fashion, reselling contributes to our community’s very circular economy. Arguably, EGL might be the most circular fashion out there(perhaps beaten out by vintage… maybe); we actually wear the clothes, we share care tips and generally do take excellent care of our wardrobes, and we resell them when we fall out of love with a piece. A single quality EGL garment can last many years and many owners and much love and wear. EGL fashion also has a way of retaining a portion of it’s cost to resell, making it worth that extra bit of effort.

A small handful of stuff I sold as I decluttered.


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