Another Attempt at Wearing a Silk Scarf in a Lolita Coordinate

This is my second or third attempt at mixing in my normie aesthetic(which is fairly not normie- I almost never see others wearing square style scarves on insta, let alone in the wild) with EGL.

When I posted it to daily EGL most people suggested different headwear- pillbox hats, headbows, something that looked suspiciously like a scarf tied like a headband, and berets. 👩🏻‍🎨

I’ll switch out my wriscuffs for the stiffer ones I’m handsewing now.

My scarf in its pastel glory. I think I spent the better part of a year trying to find the perfect scarf.

Too lazy to take a new photo

Did you know Thrifted Luxe originally started off as a blog about my obsession with secondhand scarves called scarvedforlife? So glad I switched it up because when I returned to lolita fashion Tyler Willis of Scarfing Scarves also burst into the lolita fashion scene in a BIG way, and she’s rather famous now. I’m glad I (unwittingly) prevented any confusion regarding our names.

I suppose I should share my previous two attempts!

The first wasnt really lolita, and I don’t think I called it that. I was in love with my chiffon white and black with tiny purple flowers elephant scarf- it honestly matched this JSK pretty well so I made it a headbow and tied it around my bun.

Screenshot from my February 17, 2017 youtube video

The only other old shot I have of me mixing scarves with EGL elements is another poorer attempt I shared to my insta. This was for another youtube video but I can’t remember which one, not that it matters. It still looks bad.

I’m pleased with the improvement! I need to experiment with it more, however, before I even consider creating any sort of guide- the sort of guide I so desperately wanted. I still believe they can be very versatile elements in EGL, it’s just a matter of figuring out the how.


  1. I wear square scarves as a head/hair decoration quite regularly but I never thought to pair it with lolita. I have actually been trying to think of ways to combine Edwardian anesthetics and elements with lolita.

    • Oooh Edwardian is easy, hats blouses and shoes for sure!
      And I wear scarves a lot at work. They keep hot metal chips from sneaking down my blouses, but my color palette has remained the same in my daily wear as well as egl- I wear all black to hide stains at work, and mostly black with egl because it flatters me more- but carrying over that sprig of color seemed like a no brainer- the trick is just the how.

      Tag me when you try coording a scarf! I’d love to see what you do with it! 🥰

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