Eco-update: Clothing care and Grooming Goodies

It’s not the end of the month, but this might become a weekly thing as opposed to monthly.

I realized quickly logging each trip wasn’t feasible for me. It took too much time! What I’ll be doing now is making a point of writing down how many miles are on my car at the beginning and end of the month.

Sunday I went to the farmer’s market in Berlin MD and bought a plethora of goodies, including a bunch of peaches and some shaving soap at a local artisan shop.

Also, I found a compostable zero waste and vegan friendly floss… But floss hurts my fingertips- and this one moreso than conventional floss because I need more force to get between my teeth. This floss is thicker than most.

So I backed a Kickstarter regarding it. I used to love those little Placker flossers, but even when I used them I thought they were very wasteful. Hopefully this delivers and is useful.

As for my laundry, I wanted to share something I do that is pretty neat, but certainly not the most eco. I use color catching sheets and they do make my clothes look newer much longer. Sadly they’re made of polyester, so it’s a love hate relationship but I also reuse them over and over until they turn a deep gray or purple from my dark laundry.

Not there yet, this has about 2 loads left.

But there’s one use after that! I use them to clean the gross parts of my bathroom(the toilet!) before finally discarding them.

I would love to find a plastic free alternative, but am scared they won’t work as well and I’ll end up with a bunch of permanently ruined pastel clothing and ruined lace. It happened before I started using them and I still have a JSK to prove it. I plan to turn it into bedroom curtains, as I desperately need some.


  1. Oooh interesting about the floss. You know I used a vegan floss last year and was thick!! Lol kinda scared me a bit at first trying to make it go between my teeth. Lol

    Also those peaches look super tasty!šŸ˜

    • Yeah- idk what it is about vegan flosses- perhaps with how plants are arranged in structure/fibers? But yeah, it takes an adjustment moving from dollar store floss to something nicer.

      And they are soooo yummy! They’re in season now, if you can hit up a local farmers market I encourage you to get a small box!

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