Haunted Doll, Embroidery, Healthier Eating, and Creeps

While I didn’t have a good opportunity to wear EGL this week, instead opting to spend Sunday in my pajamas as I relaxed at home, I still had some fun with lifestyle lolita hobbies.

I finished emboidering my partner’s facemask!

I also restarted tatting a chain for my little lentil’s dress. I’m going to make her a little lolita dress.

I’m partially tempted to sell Lenya, the MSD’s body. She’s lovely, but at this point it’s redundant to have two shells of the same character, and the tiny shell is easier to just keep on a shelf in my camper and technically she was my first ball jointed doll. Just because she isn’t resin doesn’t mean she isn’t valid.

(っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ

That aside, now for the haunted doll story.

And no, it’s not the MSD that might be haunted but little Lenny herself, the itty bitty- also I made her dress from a sock. I might trim this one in lace too.

The other morning I got up to use the bathroom. It was 3 or 4am, earlier than usual, so I didn’t turn on the hot water heater. It was pitch dark outside, even the crickets outside were silent. My little lentil was on her shelf next to the little difficult-to-twist-on doll-sized flashlight, seemingly cozy.

But when I walked back in from the galley, I’d taken a sip of water, I noticed it was a bit light in my room. I hadn’t turned on my bedroom light but I figured maybe my neighbor woke up early and was doing something outside. When I climbed in bed I realized it was from Lenny’s shelf. Confused I got back up to look and her little flashlight was still LED side down, but it was ON.

Reenactment photo

I hadn’t turned it on, and no one else would have messed with it- I live alone and my partner hadn’t visited for days- long enough to dim a flashlight like that. Also, it just wasn’t on when I crawled out of bed the first time.


I gently took Lenny off the shelf and tucked her into her little sleeping bag and put her on my pillow next to me before going back to sleep. If she is haunted, I’ve never had bad vibes from her. In fact, the shell is an approximation of a 3 year old. If anything, she was scared of the dark.

But in all honesty, probably gravity over a few weeks made the flashlight settle down the threads and make contact. The timing is just eerie and makes for a great story.

Only one creepy thing has happened since I’ve been giving her more attention.

This was when I apparently uploaded the creepy photo to Instagram. IG makes a new copy just in case users took the picture with with the app. Notice the damaged photo?

I’m tempted to put Lenny’s photostories on here. I don’t know if a little weekly doll comic would be too weird, however. Let me know what you think!

I also made Lenny a little lanyard. She came with this outfit and somehow it just feels like it works with the purple. I decided to mix in another gentle green- this actually matches her shoes more, but she’s not wearing them right now.

I think this lanyard would make for a REALLY cute badge holder at conventions. I “need” a tiny doll sized ita bag to tote her around in for that sort of event.

Also, it can be so difficult to determine what is eco or lifestyle lolita for separate posts- I used entirely materials I had on hand and nothing was “waste” except a couple inches of thread, which will be used in a doll sized pillow someday.

Also, I’m trying to get back on the eating healthy bandwagon. My doctor was pleased with my weight loss last week, but, I could stand to shed another ten pounds- I use shed like a snake as opposed to lose because I certainly don’t want to find the weight again.

I also got to deal with the bane of many lolita’s existences this week. A creepy pantyhose fetishist started commenting on one of my YouTube videos.

He dirty deleted after I said I reported him, but the screenshots had already been shared to the main Facebook EGL watchdog group. Also, they’re still in my notifications so I even got to see what he sent beforehand.

If you want to outright prevent him from interacting with your YouTube channel, his handle is brea9295978. Figured I’d share it here just in case you don’t even want to look at the proof(screenshots of our exchange and their favorites).

I don’t know how it will format in an email, but I’ve set this post up so the gallery of screenshots goes on the next page. Feel free to look, if you’re up to it, and I’m sorry if the email alert doesn’t force a click-through if you want to avoid them. I’ll know in the future, however, as I do double check how my posts were formatted when I try new things. That said, they’re at the bottom of this post for a reason.