10 Item Wardrobe Looks & Thoughts

The past few months have been an interesting experiment. This morning I went through all of my off-season clothes to set up my next wardrobe and it felt like I was getting a whole new wardrobe!

EGL/lolita Fashion Coords

Work Looks

I swapped out the pants, they were so saggy in spots that should never sag in pants. 😳

Other Looks

I did try the big wrap skirt in a few other ways but it was not flattering. I think these skirts are excellent tools to help learn your body and what sillouettes flatters it.

What I learned

I learned the mini sari wrap skirts are not my cup of tea. It’s getting listed to sell. It’s time for the purple wrap skirt!

I also learned that I need to be pickier in choosing my blouses and life is simply easier with black blouses. The risk of my work shirt coming partially unbuttoned and a stain hitting a light colored shirt is too high.

I learned the soft silk is my favorite texture, and I will prioritize wearing that over everything else I picked for this both in and out of EGL, given the chance. Time to add some soft cutsews into my wardrobe, too.

I also ordered a slip because the wrap dress honestly needed it if I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on fabric tape to insure against a nip slip with some styles.

I learned I like barebones coords, perhaps it’s a mix of depression, laziness, and lack of time, but I prefer simple and easy to wear coords.

I can’t wear burando during the summer. The dresses are too well made- I’m talking about the fact that they’re lined. It’s great and all, but when I’m already wearing a blouse, bloomers, and petticoat, not to mention maybe even a corset and tights- yeah, let’s go without the dress lining. I still love it, but it’ll be reserved for winter.


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