Zero Waste Doll Clothes

I was initially planning to just make a rectangle headdress for Lenny, but when I thought about it, I realized she didn’t have any nice matching clothes that would work with the lace.

I’ve been working on making this little dress for three hours(outside of the lace), and this post is very late and the dress isn’t even perfect.

But I used an old linen shirt that I tried lolifying to work with my wardrobe- I even spent many hours making a lace trim! In the end it’s only worth the fabric. I will use the rest to make accessories and handkerchiefs, even reusing my old handmade lace!

But back to Lenny’s dress.

She needed something pajama-ey and I took apart a well fitting kelly doll dress to make a pattern from it(the dress was ugly as sin).

I’ve been afraid to sew sleeves, even after making that lace top for another doll ages ago. In fact, I sewed it on the wrong way initially. Oops! My excuse is this one has puffed sleeves.

I also handmade the lace using vintage tatting thread I scored off eBay. I used the same thread to stitch the dress, mostly out of laziness to rummage through my sewing kit. But there’s the added benefit the stronger fresher thread will be ready for something more strenuous.

Oh! And the clasp holding it together in the back? Reused from the dress I made my pattern from.

Honestly, I could see myself reusing the daylights out of this pattern.

Another day I will have to make her headdress or a little tote bag. But for now, sleep.