About and Stats

About Grace Elizabeth

Grace Elizabeth lives right outside of Salisbury, MD and is attempting to make her life as sustainable as possible while still enjoying the wonderful things life has to offer.

Note: For simplicity’s sake, all years noted are for the year they start in. June 2019-May 2020, for example, the year before I really started trying to live sustainably, is written as 2019. June 2020-May 2021 is written as 2020.

Overall Footprint

Quiz expressed it as my personal Earth Overshoot Day

2019: May 4th (125 days)

2020: TBD


June 2020: 11

Garments Rehomed

I think it’s important to take steps to personally rehome as many garments as possible to prevent myself from buying things I don’t need.

2019: 9 sold

2020: 1 traded 9 sold

Miles Driven Per Year

2019: ~8,618

2020: TBD- estimated to drop to ~7,606

Fashion Footprint

2019: 160 lbs CO2

Anticipated 2020: -51lbs CO2