Tidy Home Goals

November 22, 2019 Grace Elizabeth 0

Today, I listened to few episodes of A Slob Comes Clean’s podcast. Noni mentioned how us listeners should create an idea of what we want […]

Bad Timing

November 8, 2019 Grace Elizabeth 0

Last night was a joint birthday party with another friend. My partner and I arrived fifteen minutes before the start time. As it’s poor manners […]


November 4, 2019 Grace Elizabeth 0

I’ve been struggling to keep my home tidy for a long while. It’s a dragon I’d really like to slay, if you will. I’m leaving […]


November 3, 2019 Grace Elizabeth 0

Yesterday, I spent $4.40 on food. I bought grapes and a make-at-home pad tai kit. It was ok, but not something I’d buy again. Today […]